Laptop freezes during Low Power Hibernate sequence


When I first installed Fedora 30, If the laptop was about to die due to low battery, it would hibernate just fine.

Now, when the hibernate sequence runs when triggered by low battery, it simply freezes until the laptop dies or if I do a hard shut down.

I tested just simply running hibernate without letting the laptop get to low battery, and it works just fine.

Any assistance would be wonderful!

Thank you.

Hi all.

This issue is very important to me! my laptop is an Acer A715-72G-72ZR-US. Shortly after posting this, my battery was not functioning correctly due to the laptop shutting down incorrectly so many times. Fortunately Acer covered the battery replacement since it was still under warranty.

However, I have not used linux on this laptop after recieving the laptop back from repair. I’m curious if there might be any reason to believe this issue has been resolved as of the release of fedora 32 in a few days?

And if not, is there anyway that I could resolve the issue myself?

The biggest reason why I ask, is that when I close my laptop, I expect my computer to hibernate, not just suspend. I’d leave my laptop closed and come back a few hours later to find out it had completely died, and losing things I had been working on. So again, this issue doesn’t seem minor to me.

Thanks all, and sorry for bumping an “old” topic, but I’d really like to get back to running Fedora as smoothly as I have in the past!