Laptop heats up with Fedora

Hi guys. I’m trying to get into using Fedora on my laptop, but I’m having a recurring problem that I don’t know how to solve. Whenever I install Fedora, I notice that the laptop heats up a lot, and the fans work so hard that they sound like turbines. This behavior occurs with both Fedora Workstation and Fedora Silverblue. The strangest thing is that this behavior doesn’t occur with any other distro I’ve used, such as Ubuntu, Zorin OS, Linux Mint and Debian. I’ve already installed TLP and the behavior was the same. My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 5570, Intel Core I5 (8th Gen), 16g of ram, with a 480 gigabyte SSD. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Is there a solution? Thank you.

You need to find out what process is using up CPU time. htop tool or Gnome’s system monitor can help you with that.

The strangest thing is that no process is consuming much ram. The behavior I described occurs right after installing Fedora, before I even have time to install any software other than those that are already installed by default. Could this behavior be related to the integration between Fedora and Gnome? Or between Fedora and Wayland?

CPU time is resulting in heat, not RAM usage. Without running a system monitor to examine CPU usage, you are digging in the dark. Please find out what process is heavy on CPU usage.

Sometimes it is tracker3 that indexes your entire home folder… which should be done after few minutes or hours.

What temperatures are we even talking about?

You did not state the age of the laptop, but air flow blockage can result in significant hear problems and lint can build up quickly to interfere with air flow in some conditions.

A perception of excess heat may or may not be accurate, so the only sure fire way to be certain would be to install a tool such as lm_sensors and after configuring it you could monitor actual temps to see if they are normal or actually elevated above normal.