Fan doing noise and heat

hi , i insatlled fedora 30 xfce, and all the time fan of cpu is noise and heat , i was using windows 10 and it wasn’t do that noise and heat some one tell me the problem and help me please i think my laptop will be burn soon.
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What’s your hardware? This could be a bios/firmware bug with Linux — that happens sometime.

Alternately: check top from the command line. Is there a process that’s run away and is using all the CPU constantly?


how i can check it?

top is a command line utility, like Task manager in Windows™
It lists the running processes on your system, ordered by default by CPU usage. And it is useful to diagnose problems. An high CPU usage leads to CPU heat, then to fan spin up.

So, open the Terminal and issue the top command.

If you use Fedora Workstation (GNOME) you can open a similar but graphical application: System Monitor.

htop is nice too. :v:


Sure :+1: :slight_smile: but top is installed out of the box.

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