Laptop heating on idle and even after sleep

Hi, I have recently installed fedora for my new laptop acer a515-57g with intel 1240p processor, rtx 2050 and the fans are running faster even on web browsing, and even heating after the laptop is on sleep for an hour.
Please help.

You may be seeing the “break” part of the “move fast and break things” approach to web-based services.

Linux provides tools such as bpytop to monitor CPU loads, tempratures, running processes, and memory usage. bpytop is available in a Fedora package and can be used in a terminal. There are many other tools, including GUI versions that can show graphs over time. You may want to look closely at what is running in your web browser – as systems get more powerful, many web sites are adding CPU intensive “features”.

HI, the cpu usage seems to very low. If i keep the laptop on idle, the for few moment, the fan still keeps spinning even though on low cpu usage.

Modern systems have lots of temperature sensors, and there are programs to display temperatures. Your fan should be running if something is hot. GUI tools will show temps over time. Old, close to failure, batteries often run hot (and are wasting power).