Fedora 32, KDE spin, overload 1 core

sorry fo my english, i used google translator :frowning:
laptop HP Pavilion: i5-8265U, 8 Gb, SSD, Intel video. When you turn it on, everything is ok, CPU load no more than 10%, but when you return from sleep or hibernation or reboot, or if you turn it off and do not wait 10 seconds and turn it on immediately, it starts to overload one core (randomly selected). I checked sudo top, the graph shows the overload there, but there is no overload in the applications. Compared interrupts with and without an overloaded process. Found that the interrupt is starting to be very actively used: IR-IO-APIC 14-fasteoi INT 34BB:00. Searching the internet, I found that this is “Intel Serial IO GPIO Host Controller”. This was the end of my fantasy. The CPU heats up quite strongly, up to 70 Celsius and higher. Before fedora i tried installing mint and ubuntu, they overloaded 1 core immediately after installation/boot and it was impossible to cure it. Fedora does not overload when turned on, but hibernation is needed on the laptop. How to remove the overload of the processor, other than forcibly cutting the frequency or loading some kind of programs?
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