Kup-backup rpm not in Fedora repos

how can I request a package to be included in Fedora repository?

Kup (Kup Backup System - Backup scheduler for the Plasma desktop), an official Kde project, is missing in Fedora repositories. I don’t know why. It depends on rsync and bup; bup is also not included in Fedora because months ago was still using Python 2, but since 0.31 version (released on september 2020) it supports python 3.

Kup is also in other distributions, even rpm based distributions, as you can see in Repology.

So, how can I request to include it in official Fedora repos?



Probably the best place for this discussion is the KDE Mailing list:



IMHO most likely will not be, unless a Fedora packager decides to change the name. (Kup) conflicts with (kup, kernel.org upload tool).
I have asked the author of kup (the backup program) if he would consider changing the name because of the name conflict. His answer was that he did not feel motivated to do that.
My suggestion give backintime-qt a try.

I’ve sent an email to Fedora kde spin mailing list 3 days ago, but I was ignored. :persevere:

backintime-qt is a good software, but developement is almost stopped (last commit was on 11th August 2019). As alternative I use Vorta (a gui for Borg) but’s is not as integrated in Kde as Kup.

My needs for a backup utility are simple. My goal, backup my home folder. A gui that’s pleasant to use in Kde. I don’t want to spend hours configuring the thing, and I want it to be reliable.
I tried Kup briefly and I found it annoying, worse sometimes it would fail to backup some of my files. For the longest time, my goto solution was Luckybackup. True it is no longer an active project. I searched for an alternative only because its Qt interface is now very outdated.
For now Backintime-qt satisfies my needs. Should Backintime-qt crap out on me. I will not hesitate to return to Luckybackup (it is that reliable).
Keep on looking, I’m sure you’ll find something that meets your needs.

Name conflicts are not unheard of. This wouldn’t keep it out of Fedora — it would probably get named something like kup-backup.

Yes, other distributions have packaged kup as kup-backup,
Others (not me) can wait with baited breath for that to happen.


Remember, it’s made by volunteers, and in some cases it’s not so much “ignored” as “no one reading it has time to fill your request and so is leaving it for someone else.”

Fortunately, there is always another option: you can package it and add it to the Fedora package collection. I see that someone has created a Copr, albeit targeted at EPEL. That might provide starting point: https://copr.fedorainfracloud.org/coprs/mhoeher/bup/

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I’m sorry Buti I’m not a developer. I can’t create a copr project, a Flatpak, a rpm or a tarball. I’m an average home Linux user.

I’m not saying you have to, but don’t underestimate yourself. A lot of this whole thing was built by average home Linux users. Many Fedora packagers aren’t software developers. It can help to have some basic programming knowledge and you’ll need to find your away around the command line a bit, but none of it is really out of reach for the average person.