Backup Options for New Linux Users

Hi All…

Now I have my Mac running Asahi KDE, with all my files, emails imported, and apps configured, time to look at my Backup Options. Yes I have done some google searching and also checked on this forum, but I would like some guidance on the topic as I don’t know my snapshot from my clone :]

As I am still very new to Linux and the terminal, I am thinking a nice GUI app, that has proven reliability, if that exists… ?

On macOS, I did two backups:

1] Disaster Recover - A bootable clone of the Mac SSD [to an external SSD] that I could boot from if disaster struck.

2] General Backup - I did a backup of my User Folder, just as a simple backup to my files.

I would appreciate some guidance on this, so I am covered if something goes wrong…

Thanks :]

EDIT: Is Vorta Borgbase a good option for me re my stated needs above… ?

I’m not sure if there is a GUI backup tool… But maybe you can try it on btrbk as it is easy to use.

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You can try some of the suggestions from this thread

I use Pika backup(GUI) and rsync(CLI) to backup home directory.

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@yuntaz Thanks for that link to the thread, that was helpful.

I have chosen Vorta app, installed from the Flatpak, run backups of my Home Folder, [encrypted] to an external SSD, and tested file extraction… all looks good!

Backup sorted, thanks again to this forum, very helpful for new users to Linux.

I LOVE that I am now officially an Asahi Linux KDE user :confused: and “oh sure I was a macOS guy once, but not anymore…”

Thanks everyone for your help to get me on to Linux!

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