[package request] add Skanpage (flatpak?)

Hello everyone!

The software for scanning specific to KDE has seen a 1.0 release, Skanpage.

Will it be included anytime soon?

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Can you elaborate what you are requesting for i mean a .rpm for skanpage app? Or a flatpack

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As I prefer kionite and would like to see it on every distro, flatpak would be ideal. Although it depends ons sane, don’t know if that is a problem.

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You can ask the developers to publish a Flatpak to Flathub.

For the package coming to Fedora and then being published as a Flatpak after it is packaged, I’m afraid there’s no right way to request it. Folks package what they use.


Maybe the KDE SIG would include it, so you could ask them to see if they plan to (they probably do)?