Flatpak org.sqlitebrowser.sqlitebrowser needs over 700MB support from KDE?

I noticed after installing DB Browser for Sqlite as a flapak it downloaded the entire KDE platform runtime and other supporting files:

Is this the future? On a GNOME/GTK system we will have to have KDE and Qt for most apps?

When I install sqlitebrowser in a toolbox using dnf it only installs the Qt bits and a few other small packages.

So why the entire KDE platform runtime?

I fixed my sqlite database files and removed it.

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They’re simply the dependencies of the flatpak. Unlike the system packages (ones installed using dnf), flatpaks rely on runtimes which may or may not be as modular as system packages. So, the kde platform runtime includes everything that a kde/qt tool may need—the different bits are not broken down into individual modular packages.

This is how flatpak is designed, and the assumption here is that disk/download space is not a limitation for the user.

PS: is this from flathub or the Fedora provided flatpaks? There may be some difference there—I’m not sure if the Fedora flatpak system just provides all rpms as flatpaks or also generates runtimes.

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Good question. Let me check which source it came from. So many flatpaks are installing KDE and Qt. Not indicating those heavy packages will be installed.

I prefer a clean environment with only GNOME/GTK. Many of these distros are becoming Frankensteins.

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It is only available as a flaphub flatpak via the Software Center. No Fedora Flatpak. The DNF RPM got the job done, then I removed it, taking the Qt bits with it.

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flatpak uninstall --unused to get rid of excess runtimes and stuff.