Packages needed for KDE development?

So, I am trying to learn KDE development in Qt, but the example provided Command Line Interface | Developer does not compile after I download the Kdevelop flatpak. It has the correct Cmake file, but it appears to be missing libs. Does Kdevelop download dependencies into the flatpak sandbox? Or do I have to download them all as Fedora RPMs?

Flatpaks are not provided / maintained by the Fedora community.

If there is an issue with the kdevelop-flatpak, you should go upstream to KDE: it seems that KDE maintains the related flatpak themselves: Flathub · GitLab

I expect the help we can provide here is limited.

Further, you should provide more data if you have an issue (logs, detailed elaboration of the experience, error messages, and so on), but also what system/environment you have.

However, flatpak apps are not linked to RPMs: if you have all RPMs of flatpak itself installed so that flatpak in general works, then the issue is related to the flatpak app (flatpak is intended not only for RPM-based systems so it cannot rely on them). Yet, I cannot tell you if a given flatpak app has configs/files solely within its sandbox or if it stores/manages them also in the /home dir (to which it can indeed have rw access), or how far you need to setup them yourself (I’m not convinced if this problem is flatpak or KDevelop specific).

I don’t know if we have someone with related experience here, but the alternative is to file your issue upstream. In either case, I assume they are more likely to provide hints about how to make it work on your system.

Another alternative for your venture would be to try it with the KDevelop from our dnf repositories. If you use Silverblue, you could get it within toolbox (depending on your use case / environment, using toolbox can also make sense with the normal Fedora Workstation/Spins).


As it turns out, it was not a flatpak I installed (I assumed it was for some reason). This should be closed in error.

Found this: Get Involved/development/Install the dependencies - KDE Community Wiki

I ran Kdevelop, created a C++ KDE App and it compiled with no issues.

Happy that you found a solution. I marked your post as solution, just in case other people experience the same issue.