No flatpak application on rawhide and One question

Konoite has just been released for rawhide officially, but I already installed it and would like to ask a few questions Will we have some flatpak applications in?

At this point the ark and dolphin can be used as a flatpak

Another thing I would like question

will KDE Connect receive support for flatpak or can the application be added along with the ostree image?

For Fedora RPM packages, it can be installed (called layering in OSTREE terms) by rpm-ostree install <pkg> .

Yes, yes, I was just asking if it was possible to add to the deploy

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Some applications will always be included by default such as Dolphin, Firefox & Ark to make sure users always get a default working system, with or without Flatpaks.

KDE Apps as Flatpaks work is tracked in Issue #13: Build Flatpaks for KDE Apps - SIG -

I don’t know if KDE Connect can work as a Flatpak. This will have to be investigated.

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