Flatpaks for Xfce apps

I’ve created some container.yaml files for a few Xfce apps (Atril, Asunder, Parole), based on examples from this repo, but I’m not sure what all to include in the finish-args variable. I looked at the container.yaml files for similar programs that are already in the repo, but I feel like there might be things that are specific to each Xfce app that I would need to add.

There is a Flatpak SIG meeting this coming Monday (Feb 5th), so I’ll bring it up there. I’d also like help deciding which Xfce apps should have Flatpaks and which ones to ignore. E.g., with Asunder, I feel like people aren’t ripping audio CDs much these days, but I honestly don’t know.


In general, it’s best to mirror the finish-args that are used for the applications on Flathub. If the application is not on Flathub, a good start might be to get it there, as it’s stricter than Fedora and it will surface most of the initial Flatpak issues that can be fixed upstream.

You can also ask those questions in the Flatpak Matrix channel.


Latest “docs” are here: Testing FlatpakWithoutModules - HackMD

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