Kdenlive is not in "Software" and I cant find a shortcut there


I have Kdenlive on my fedora 35 but I can’t see it in “Software” (there is no shortcut).

How do I get a shortcut to my Kdenlive installation to the fedora “Software” app?

Yes the kde is not in the default repo of fedora and fedora uses a flathub repo with is not all softwares included kindly add it from flathub here
And then restart system then you will find kdenlive in software center.
If you want rpm build

the package is provided by RPM Fusion. Do you have the two RPM Fusion repositories installed? They’re not part of the default third party repositories that the Fedora workstation ships with. You can follow instruction here to install both the free and non-free repos:
Make sure you do a restart after that. Then you will find that app in software center.

You seem to know much and I need to apply some effort to get Kdenlive to software center. I see that you understand that there are 2 ways to get Kdenlive to nicely show up in software center. One way is with this flatpak link and the other way is with the RPM Fusion way. I do not know if I have RPM Fusion repositories installed.

Do you want to recommend which solution I should use of the 2 solutions mentioned by you to get Kdenlive to nicely show up in software center?

Have you tried killall gnome-software and restarting it? I have installed Kdenlive from Flathub, and it shows up just fine.

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If you don’t have space issues thn go with flathub. That is best.

Add this to your system govto that link select your os should be fedora and then it will download a small repo file and install it reboot then open software center you will find it there no issues.

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Okey so I used the flatpak method and now I have the shortcut. Thank you Martin Luther.