Konsole new tab broken if ssh'd into specific server

Hello! I’m asking this question here, since I have no idea where to start…

I’m using Konsole with zsh as shell (and ohmyzsh). When I ssh to a specific server (serverA) and then open a new tab in konsole, my shell won’t start:


This only happens with serverA and not with serverB (or any other machine).
ServerA is running Almalinux 9.1 with zsh and ohmyzsh. ServerB is running ubuntu 22.04 and also zsh and ohmyzsh. They have both the same ohmyzsh config.

The problem only occurs with zsh as shell and when I use ohmyzsh. It works fine with plain zsh or bash. If I cd to a different directory on ServerA (let’s say /etc) opening a new tab works fine and the current dir in the new tab is also /etc. This is strange because while indeed a new tab should open in the current directory, changing directories on a server never had any effect on that behaviour.

Things I tried

  • Reinstalled zsh
  • Reinstalled ohmyzsh
  • Clean .zshrc

What exactly do you do? You have skipped a lot of steps.
Your tags say you are using ssh, but I do not see ssh in the screen shot.

  1. Login to plasma on name host here
  2. ?
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That screenshot is the error that shows when I open a new tab (ctrl+shift+t) while currently having the tab with the ssh session open.

  1. Open konsole
  2. ssh serverA
  3. when the tab with the ssh session is open, open a new tab
  4. The newly opened tab is broken, see screenshot.

Fixed! fix(termsupport): don't report current working directory in SSH sessions by mcornella · Pull Request #11703 · ohmyzsh/ohmyzsh · GitHub