Seperate konsole profile for toolbox?

I am using Fedora Kinoite.

Every time I need to use toolbox I enter toolbox enter.
I decided to create a separate konsole profile for it. So, when I open profile it will automatically be inside toolbox.

I also installed zsh locally.

❯ which zsh

If I use toolbox enter. Toolbox starts with bash. But I want to start with zsh. How can I do it?

something like /home/badshah/.local/bin/zsh -c 'toolbox enter'. But it doesn’t work.
Hope I was able to describe by problem.

Do you have zsh installed in your toolbox?

no. if I install zsh inside toolbox. IT modified .zshrc in home folder. which modifies main zsh

You have to have zsh installed in your toolbox to use zsh.

I just now Install zsh inside toolbox. made it default with cssh. But when I open profile It opens bash

env SHELL=zsh toolbox enter

That’s what works for command in the profile I made on gnome-terminal.

Is zsh the default shell for your user outside of toolbox?

thanks man. that solves the problem.