Keepassxc doesn't work anymore

The keepassxcfrom the RPM repos doesn’t work anymore:

$ keepassxc
keepassxc: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I had to reinstall it from flatpak

Have a look at, 2084523 – Missing dependency: (OpenSSL1.1) not present on F36



Well, damn! KeepassXC is the one app I depend on for almost everything.

The flatpak version still works.

Also you can manually install openssl11 and also the RPM version will work

The flatpak version does not detect the Yubikey :frowning:

And the RPM version does not work, not even after installing openssl1.1

I’m on the AppImage :expressionless:

KeepassXC from the repos is still working fine for me on F36.

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Same here. KeePassXC from rpm works. I use it daily on multiple devices.

From, 2084523 – botan2 misses Missing dependency: (OpenSSL1.1) not present on F36

See above. Most likely you have some 3rd-party package installed that wrongly declares to provide libcrypto.

rpm -q --requires botan2 | grep libcrypto | xargs rpm -q --whatprovides should give you a hint which package it is.

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Just tried this today April 2023, and the method works. I had botan2 missing as it was being used from windscribe. After removing windscribe, reinstalling keepassxc now it opens