Is it possible to use KeepassXC browser extension on Firefox flatpak version?

Both KeepassXC and Firefox are installed via flatpak. In the KeepassXC Browser Integration tab, it sayts that it doesn’t support snap, but flatpak is not mentioned. When I try to connect to the database I got this message “Key exchange was not successful.”.

Apparently some extra-configuration is required . See Enabling KeePassXC Add-On for Flatpak Firefox |

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I have over 200 passes in KeePassXC, and the frequent websites already auto-save with Firefox Sync, or I just enter the pass once and save it to Firefox’s local. I have a keyboard shortcut to open my KP database with the key saved in the keyring, so if I need a 2FA, I press the shortcut to open it, Ctrl +f to find what I want, and Ctrl + T for the 2FA. Takes seconds, and it’s all local :stuck_out_tongue:

(the Keepass keyring keyboard shortcut I use is two parts; the keyboard shortcut command (bash -c), and secret-tool to store the database pass)

Why would anyone link a secure local password database manager to a less-secure unpredictable web browser, and even try that through a whole different level of abstraction with Flatpak? That’s just screams bad idea to me, but maybe someone has a use-case that makes it somehow reasonable?

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Note that KWallet can just be queried by any app and thus transparently read out.

Not sure about GNOME secrets.

I stopped storing my masterpassword in Kwallet until we have a secure solution

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