KDE 5.27 Panel does not scale with Display global scale

My laptop has a 4K screen (it’s really great - very nice job, Dell!) I just switched from Wayland to X11 on login in SDDM (because the screen no longer dims nor turns off after the specified timeouts since KDE 5.27). Immediately my screen was back in full non-scaled 4K mode which on a 15" laptop isn’t usable (not with my non-bionic eyes anyway).

I set the global scale to 200%. I had to restart to get it to honor the setting.

Everything’s back to “normal” size except for the KDE Plasma Panel. I’ve had to go into edit mode and double the height to get it also back to normal mode. Maybe this is expected behavior but it wasn’t expected by me: I expected everything on the screen to double in size.

My mouse pointer and caret are also half size… Not sure how to fix that. Why didn’t they double in size too? <grizzle>

At least I can continue using my laptop with Fedora until the KDE-Wayland dim/sleep issue is fixed. I was about to leave a hot missive and switch to Windows. The horror, the horror…

ETA: I’ll likely file a bugzilla bug on this too. Just want to see if anyone else is experiencing similar first. Chow.

ETA2: Oh yeah, forgot to add: the screen dimming & turning off bug does not repro with X11 (which is why I switched: to see if it did. Does Fedora want to hire me as a tester?)

ETA3: I changed the cursors size from 24 to 48 in System Settings and now everything’s back to “normal”. It feels a bit inconsistent though: do I really have to manually and independently change the panel height and the cursor sizes when I change the global scale? Shouldn’t global scale be, you know, like global?

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Global scaling doesn’t change the taskbar for me either on X11. Works correctly in Wayland but there are too many issues so I’m stuck with X11 still. If I try to change the taskbar panel height, the icons are still too small and are not scaling correctly. Probably stuck waiting until Plasma 6 at this point. One day Wayland will be ready…

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