Asahi Fedora System Upgrade Made Everything Small

Hello! I recently updated my system (within the current day), then proceeded to just shut it and put it into my backpack after a reboot, and suddenly everything about my system (windows, icons, text, etc.) is small. I know this isn’t a scaling issue as it’s the same (100%) scale as before. I think this may be an issue with a system package. The temporary solution of upping my scale doesn’t work either as it makes everything blurry. I’ve found that ~175% scale factor gets me back to normal, but again, this causes blur and I would also like to know what has changed on my system.

Is there a possibility of getting this fixed? Or am I just kinda stupid?

Thanks for the help!

Small Icons Screenshot:

Before Screenshot:

Press super key (whatever that is in mac) and search “monitor” or “display”. Set the Display scaling to 150%

Um sorry, but I specified in my post that the issue with the scaling is that all of my icons, dock, etc. Become blurry. Furthermore, isn’t the default 100%? What changed?

Do you use X11 or wayland? I am on Fedora KDE and use 130% scaling I think.

100% is not the best for high resolution. It only works on HD screens in my experience.

Using wayland

The default is not 100%, it’s 150% for laptops or machines with >2K screens (or even 175% or 200% depending on your resolution, I think KDE does an autodetect thing). Your screenshot looks like normal 100% size to me. If it was larger before, it definitely wasn’t 100%.

The blurriness is normal when you change the setting up from 100%. You need to log out and back in for Plasma to restart in native HiDPI mode, which removes the blurriness. It’s just a matter of “instant” changes in scale for running apps not being supported yet, so you end up with blurry upscaled 100% for apps that are already runing. Sorry that it’s a bit confusing.

Note that for the Plasma panel in particular, its size is also configurable separately. If you want to change the size, right click on the corner, enter edit mode, and drag the slider in the middle. But you should first set your global scale to whatever looks good to you, and then adjust the panel size.

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Thank you! The Log out thing fixed the blurriness, and everything is back to normal.

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