Change kde sddm login resolution on 4k laptop screen


I am trying to configure my fedora37-kde laptop ( thinkpad T15 gen2 ) with a 4k screen. when I start my laptop the kde login is very small. Do someone know how I can scale the screen to make it readable ?

I have tried some stuff but still without success:
on /etc/sddm.conf

# Enable Qt's automatic high-DPI scaling

but also tried on the sections [X11] and [Wayland]

Can someone help me ?

thanks in advance,


In system-settings in the SDDM section there should be a button at the bottom for “Apply plasma settings” which should copy your plasma scaling to sddm.


I have tried but doesn’t change the resolution of my start screen. thanks anyway ! :wink:

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I’ve run into this issue with the upgrade to Fedora 38, in earlier versions SDDM (X11) scaling was working just fine but it’s no longer scaling and I’m not able to work out why. Like the OP I have the necessary scaling options in sddm.conf, I have them also in /etc/sddm.conf.d/kde_settings.conf after applying plasma settings.

I’d appreciate any new ideas on a solution.

So I just realised, having specified that SDDM is running on X11 in my post that this was an assumption, I had not verified this. It was running X11 prior to the 38 upgrade, so why would it have changed? Turns out it had changed, SDDM was now using Wayland (Wayland scaling is very broken) and this was the problem in my case. Having forced SDDM back to using X11 it’s now scaled correctly.



For anyone else facing the same issues.