It's #FedoraShareYourScreen week (F35)

The Fedora Project, through the Marketing team, is happy to announce the first FedoraShareYourScreen week!

We know that even though the stock look of Fedora Linux is awesome, most people love to tweak and adapt their systems to their own workflow. We want to see how your Fedora Linux desktop looks.

FedoraShareYourScreen week

  • Share your screen with us! Take a screenshot of your desktop and share it. Use the hashtag #FedoraShareYourScreen and mention @fedora on Twitter or @thefedoraproject on Instagram. For Mastodon, just use the hashtag. Avoid showing personal and private info.
  • If you use a full Desktop Environment, just a Window Manager, or just the command line, we want to see how it looks! Share your favorite apps, configs, plugins, widgets and everything on your desktop (including your favorite wallpapers if they are SFW :wink:).
  • At the end of the week we will be publishing a slide show on YouTube with all the screens collected during the week! Keep it Family Friendly, inappropriate content won’t be included in the video.

Feel proud of your customization and show it to us! From January 31st to February 6th we will be looking, commenting and sharing feedback on the screenshots shared with the hashtag #FedoraShareYourScreen on Twitter, Instagram and Mastodon!

When is this week?

It will start this on January 31st and it will end on February 6th. We will collect all the screenshots on February 7th and the slide show will be published on February 10th.

Will this happen again?

Of course! We want to see everyone’s ideas with all the new stuff that Fedora Linux adds each release. We will be doing this in the middle of each Fedora Linux release. This will give everyone time to customize the desktop and show it in all it’s shininess!


Fedora Magazine


In general

Some things are not clear:

  • Do you want clean desktop or do you want ‘everyday usage’?
  • Will you gather and share credit for all backgrounds?
  • Will you reject backgrounds with copyrighted material?


I don’t have any Twitter, so let me just share theme here.




Full size

Full size image are 2560 x 1440


i took the image myself while I was hiking through the Norwegian mountains. This was a fairly busy pass, but it was around 18:00 and most visitors had already passed. Normally, I use Variety so that I have a different wallpaper every hour, but this is certainly the greatest vista I’ve ever seen.

Image details

Kevin Degeling, July 2017
Jotunheimen, Norway

Aperature f/8,0
Exposure 1/450 sec.
Focal Length 8,0
ISO 100
FinePix A700


Thanks for your response. To answer your questions:

It’s ok, as you like, if you want to share clean, or everyday usage it’s totally up to you

Yes, credit will be share in the Description section in the Video.

If it’s needed, it will be rejected, I trust in people and I think this is not going to be necessary.


I guess I’ll post mine here since I have no Twitter or Instagram and not planning on using those sites again. Got Mastodon but it my instance might be filtered on other instances.

My wallpaper is my favorite anime character.


I took this picture at the South-West coast in Portugal a few years ago


Here is my Sway desktop because no social media:


Sharing mine as well because why not amirite?

Using currently:

  • Current theme: adw-gtk3 for the new Adwaita look early;
  • Shell theme: shell-theme-upstream for the same reason;
  • Mutter: mutter-rounded with the rounded/performance patches;
  • Icon theme: adwaita-git for the cute new blue folders;

Guide that I used to do most of this

Not a lot of extensions used, just the basics:


Using Gnome extension Dash to Dock, Gedit, Disks, browser, & Terminal.


Mostly just a bunch of terminals (Kitty), Firefox, and VSCodium.



The background photo is by Josh Edelson (


How do you install VSCodium? I’ve just checked it is not packaged for Fedora, and the one that comes as a snap package has garbled fonts in dialogs.

Can you ask a question on Ask Fedora about this please, so that this thread remains on topic?


cursed theme


I’ve tried to keep it simple, as I’ve previously been used to messy desktops, but not using desktop icons has actually made me more organized. I like the default wallpaper from Fedora 34, but I modified the night version to be much darker. I use quite a bit of extensions to meet my needs and I use the Flat-Remix-GTK light and darker themes, which switches automatically with the blue light filter.


Audio output switcher, Battery Time (Percentage) compact, Caffeine, Clipboard indicator, freon, hide activities button, ip finder, night theme switcher, vitals, appindicator and kstatus support, dash to dock, gsconnect


$ uname -rsvp
Linux 5.15.18-200.fc35.x86_64 #1 SMP Sat Jan 29 13:54:17 UTC 2022 x86_64
$ lsb_release -a
LSB Version:	:core-4.1-amd64:core-4.1-noarch
Distributor ID:	Fedora
Description:	Fedora release 35 (Thirty Five)
Release:	35
Codename:	ThirtyFive
$ mame at386 -uimodekey ENTER_PAD  -ramsize 16M -rompath roms -nvram_directory nvram -harddisk hd.chd

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Love my Fedora 35 (customized of course).

theme: Tokyonight_Dark
wallpaper: linux-gnu-pic-1920x1080.jpg _ttps://


Sway on Fedora 35 is great! It has replaced GNOME and i3 on all my machines.


I shared on mastodon but since I’m on a smaller server I figured I’d put it here as well.
Mojotron screenshot


Image details

Image: Blue Marble Earth
Source: Astronomy Picture of the Day: 2022 February 6
Image Credit: NASA, Apollo 17 Crew
via GNOME Extension: NASA APOD Wallpaper Changer