ISOs with the new installer - are they available yet?

I’ve been reading about the new installer that was going to be released in an alternative ISO for Fedora 37, and seeing as the Fedora 37 Change Set page says it’s code compete, I thought that it’d be available to test as part of the Fedora 37 beta cycle. However, ISOs with this new installer don’t seem to be available! Is there anywhere I can find these and check out the new installer?

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sorry for the confusion and thank you for being so eager :slight_smile: . The 100% code complete is more about Fedora don’t need to do anything, the Change has just an informational character. Just to be clear it will be a technology preview to get the feedback soon, not a 100% completed installer replacement.

We won’t release the beta during the F37 release cycle. There a few reasons for that:

  • we do want to use F37 GA payload
    • not that mandatory but we can avoid solving other issues with payload instead of focusing on the Anaconda
  • we would like to avoid noise around the F37 release
    • people should have more capacity for feedback of our solution without taking the capacity from F37 release process
    • easier for us to announce the release because most of the F37 news should be already published

For these reasons we decided to publish the ISO about a week after the F37 GA release. The exact date could change. Right now, we are working on fixes, improvements and trying to decide the best way of getting your feedback to us.

Don’t worry, we will announce the ISO release.

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Do you plan to have a Fedora Magazine post announcing it and showing off the highlights?

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I was originally going to include a mention of it as part of the “what’s new in fedora workstation 37” article, but I also am available to do a separate article about it :slight_smile:

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Thank you for all the clarification!

Hi, yes we would like to do something like that if possible.

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For the release announcement, I plan on mentioning it and saying something like “ISOs will be available in a week or so. Keep an eye on Fedora Magazine for updates.”

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Sounds good to me :grin: