[PITCH] Anaconda WebUI Installer F39 Test Week

Hey folks,

As many of you already know, the Anaconda team and the workstation group have finally pulled off the WebUI Installer for Workstation and landed the PR yesterday after FESCo’s decision. They have been waiting for a test week if things went through, as this is really crucial change. The test week will start Monday 28th and will run through 04th Sept. I am hereby requesting a slot at short notice (sorry)… I will have the draft ready in a couple of hours. Can you schedule it for the weekend or early Monday morning?


Yes. Contributions to Fedora Magazine are still (unfortunately) quite few and far between. So there will be no difficulty in scheduling your last-minute article for Monday.

Thanks for the contribution!


I’ve created Pagure #217 for tracking


Are you guys working on the Fedora Testdays page for it? Probably not specifically the right thread for it, but I managed to get an issue to create a badge for it, considering it is a huge change for the project.