[PICTH] Fedora 40 Podman Desktop and Podman 5 Test Days 1/2

Hey Fedora Magazine team,

I will be having a 3 part post for announcements. Keeping all the test days centred towards a container and related artifacts in one post is best. Hence the following:

  • Podman Desktop starting 20th March through 26th March
  • Podman 5 21st March through 27th March
  • Toolbx 27th March
  • FCOS 25th March though 01st April

Post the first April, we will have an Intel test day on 9th April and Wget2, Virt, Cloud by the second week of April.

I will be drafting the post tonight!!


@glb @jakfrost 1/3 is drafted in Log In ‹ Fedora Magazine — WordPress

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Created Issue #270: Contribute at the Fedora CoreOS, Podman Desktop, Podman 5, and Toolbx test days - fedora-magazine-newsroom - Pagure.io
Since the first start date is only 2 days away I will publish this as soon as I have the editing completed.