Fedora Linux 37 Kernel 5.18 Test Week 2022-06-05 through 2022-06-12

Hey @bcotton @siddharthvipul1

Please review and schedule the announcement post for Fedora 37 Kernel 5.18 Test Week. Now even though the test week starts 5th, I would ideally want this post to hit the commblog on 7th morning.

Hi @sumantrom,
the post looks good (I added some SEO related things but no changes in content).
Ben has a community blog summary post planned for tuesday – so let’s wait for him to hear his thoughts!

FYI, the updated ISO isn’t yet posted to Fedora People (accessed via Test Day:2022-06-05 Kernel 5.18 Test Week - Fedora Project Wiki)

Yep the ISO is going to be there by today EOD US timezone. Justin Forbes is usually on point!

makes sense

I’ll slide the commblog monthly summary to the next slot. This is more time-sensitive.

will schedule this for the coming tuesday :slight_smile: