PITCH : Kernel 6.6 Test Week

Hello Magazine Team,

Kernel 6.6 Test Week has been proposed, the dates are 2023-11-12 through 2023-11-19. I will be putting up the post by 9th. Thank you all for the support!

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@sumantrom Pagure ticket #240 ready for your input.

Thank you.


@sumantrom The article looks good but the second link in the article (test day web application) takes you to a page with a title of “Kernel 6.4 Test Week” and a link to a kernel 6.4 test week wiki page. I suspect that needs to be corrected.

Other than that the article is ready to go. I’ve done the feature image.

Let me know when the link or destination page is ready and I’ll schedule this for publication tomorrow (10 Nov)