Installer webUI- Sorry... I have tried everything, looked everywhere... but

…Where can I leave comments on the new Fedora installer?

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Maybe start at

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I think that is for generic Anaconda and not specific for the Fedora web UI (Anaconda powered)… or are they the same project? because most recent post on that discussion form/general is from august23, and there is nothing specific to collect feedback.

I think they are one and the same group. I had to search the magazine posts to find the link. I think the github link from the article might be a better place, or look for them on matrix.

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From The Water Cooler to Project Discussion

Added engineering and removed tech-talk

I think this fits better:

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The funny part is having this at the end of the installation.

So if you have a general question/comment about the web-ui you can tag it with anaconda and ask here. Just use web-ui in the title to distinguish. If you want to report a bug or make a pull request use the Github page mentioned above.

There was a discussion about the link you mentioned, creating a form to report. I guess if you share your experience here you are on the right place.