F37 is GO - what do we have to do?

Just made the decision: f37 rc 1.7 is GO.

What do we have to do now?

  • We should update docs to f37 at the same time or a bit later as the announcement is made and getfedora points to the new release. That’s definitely a thing for @darknao

  • We still have to deal with the Workstation case. One hand we have a note, that the box & user documentation is needed, on the other hand we have nothing at the moment. I’m not sure, what @aday 's latest message does mean. May be it’s a lack of my English skills how to interpret the message.

  • It is still open whether we will get another Text for “emerging desktops”. @siosm any news about this?

  • I would like to make some final improvements on the documentation home page text.

I suppose, we must have final clarity by Sunday 24:00 UTC, so that @darknao has the complete Monday to prepare the switch. @darknao is that OK or do you need more time or have to start the preparation earlier?

So: At the time darknao wants to start with preparing the switch (hopefully Monday as mentioned above):

  • If we don’t get a definite message until that date from Workstation WG, then Workstation will be dropped and Silverblue and Kinoite will each get their own box.

  • If we don’t get an alternative text from @siosm until that date we use the current one.

Anything else to consider?


The release is only 5 days from now, and I don’t really want to push anything (or anyone) if the documentation is not ready by then.
Unless someone is opposed to that, what you currently see on docs.stg is what we will get next week with the release. If there is anything you want to see changed by then, now is the time :slight_smile:
I really hope this is okay for everyone, as we already agreed on that a few weeks ago, and we don’t really have the time to figure out a backup plan now.

Note that we can still make changes after the release. To me, the only important thing is to get the “F37 related” docs released at the same time as the official announcement (that is the Fedora Linux box, with the F37 release notes). Everything else can wait if it’s not ready.

To my understanding, the Workstation WG work is not even started yet, and I think we can safely rule that out for the release. We will add it later when it’s ready.

As @pboy stated, I’ll pull the trigger Monday, or Tuesday morning at the latest.

Regarding the Fedora Linux home page (release page), I just made a final touch and removed an unlinked navigation item (A newbee’s primer) from the navigation menu. A link is included in the text in the main page.

I committed to f37 and hope that’s the right target.

We have to use the new “box page” layout, too, at the same time. Otherwise, we would have again the old installation guide online, which is so very controversial and misleading, among others.

OK, so I will modify the boxes and remove Workstation for now and assign a box for Silverblue and Kinoite each with existing title and description, just as we have it now.

@darknao Please could you have a look on the homepage repo (the boxes page). I modified the box page using the WEB UI, but obviously something went wrong. My changes are not included into the latest build 16:50:09 UTC that I made 1-2 hours earlier.

Well, everything back now.

Allan creates a nice Workstation doc which is at lease a good initial version, IMHO

see for the plan:

see the current text:

So we can have a Workstation doc for F37 and should revert my last changes of the “box page”. We still need a proper title and a proper description, although.

I created a milestone for F37 release with all the Merge Requests that need to be merged on release day:

There are only 2 for now:

  • The Homepage (with the boxes)
  • The Fedora Linux Documentation home

Let me know if I missed something.

I just made some “last minute” adjustments to the box page:

Renamed “Workstation & -spins” to “Fedora Workstation” and changed the underlying link to a pseudo link, until we get a repository address by Allan. Maybe, we have for some days just an announcement. I think, that would be OK in the current situation.

And I modified Labs to Spins & Labs. That way, we promote everything Fedora has - besides Cloud, which still does not respond to contact attempts. Thus, unfortunately, we lack any basis for improvement and completion.

Is anything wrong with our staging site?


"Last build: 2022-11-08 16:50:09 UTC | Last content update: 2022-11-01 "

That was on Thuesday

Yeah, it’s broken because of this change.
This requires an update to the Antora playbook as it’s now complaining that the lab path does not exist anymore.

I’m fixing it right now.

Actually, I noticed you just changed the name one more time here.

The module name needs to be stable as it changes the URL of the component and all the xref associated with it. We should really take extra care about such modification.

As for the current name, custom, that seems a bit too generic to me compared to the old one lab. Any reason behind this change?

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Sorry, wasn’t aware of that. The local preview worked fine. :slight_smile:

It is now Spins & Labs, so labs alone was neglecting spins in the url. Maybe ‘spins-labs’?

The module name needs to be unique to the entire documentation website.
spins-labs seems like a better choice then.

Yeah, I thought it would be local to the repo. But a look at the urls teaches me better. So it’s spins-labs. Do you change the name in site.yml / antora.yml?

Ok, both the spins-labs module and the Antora playbook have been changed.

Thanks! So I can check the new content in the real environment soon.

New content is up :+1:.

Yeah, looks good. So I think it’s finally the final version for F37 - unless someone has objections.


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