Is there any way to speed up the key repeats?

I find Fedora a bit slow with keyboard repeating. If I am typing something and want to delete the last sentence I typed, I hold the backspace, but I want to increase the speed it deletes the characters at. I can’t find any way to speed this up, is it possible?

In Linux or a Browser like Firefox, I use Ctrl+Shift+ this will highlight by word. So In essence I can delete up to a word, Shift+ will do per letter. Far more efficient solution than holding down backspace or delete.

If you are using a text editor like Vim/NeoVim/Emacs. . . Those are far better solutions with extreme workflow improvements. As those are specialized for writing/editing text.

Gnome Settings has some features that might be useful hidden under Accessibility

Thanks, but after all these years, I prefer just a fast backspace, I am overloaded with new key combos already (which are great, but struggling to remember them already). My desire for it is not just for backspacing either, it’s for key repeats when typing generally, like if I want to say something like Hammerhead Corvette Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrocks :smiley:

BINGO!! I saw the drop down arrow in ‘Repeat Keys’ settings in Accessibility - does exactly what I wanted, thanks!


I understand. I am more recently discovering that outside of typical key combos many other combos coalesce between apps. It’s made me use the mouse less and slightly more efficient.