Is it safe to remove core 18 and gnome-3-34-1804 snap packages?

Hi y’all, I thought I’d ask before I break something.
Here is my snap list output:

Name               Version          Rev    Tracking       Publisher     Notes
bare               1.0              5      latest/stable  canonical✓    base
core               16-2.57.2        13886  latest/stable  canonical✓    core
core18             20221027         2620   latest/stable  canonical✓    base
core20             20221027         1695   latest/stable  canonical✓    base
gnome-3-34-1804    0+git.3556cb3    77     latest/stable  canonical✓    -
gnome-3-38-2004    0+git.6f39565    119    latest/stable  canonical✓    -
gtk-common-themes  0.1-81-g442e511  1535   latest/stable  canonical✓    -
i2pd               2.43.0           363    latest/stable  supervillain  disabled
snapd              2.57.4           17336  latest/stable  canonical✓    snapd

Is it safe to remove core 18 and gnome-3-34-1804 snap packages?
How could I tell that neither of them are in use by the system?

Appreciate your input :slight_smile:

You should first run:

snap connections core18


snap connections gnome-3-34-1804

The above commands will show you which of your installed snaps depend on core18 and gnome-3-34-1804, respectively.

If no snaps depend on them, you can safely remove them using:

snap remove core18 gnome-3-34-1804

In the opposite case, if you remove them, you will have broken snap packages.

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I’ll throw in another option… because all I see in your snap list command is i2pd, you could also remove all snaps and install i2pd from flathub. You could entirely get rid of snap, unless you prefer snap over flatpaks (flatpak is the default Fedora sandboxing system).

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Thank you! snap connections was the command I needed to know!