I manually added the flathub repository alongside the fedora flatpaks, when trying to remove it suggest removing KDE packages

I did a fresh installation of Fedora and added the Flathub repository manually. Thinking I needed it. Turns out I now see packages twice in the software list (which makes sense due to different sources). I installed a couple of packages from it, which I’m happy to remove.

However, when I try to remove the repository it tells me it will remove KDE packages as well, things like KDE Breeze theme but also some plasma core packages.

So before I even dare to press the button, I did install and configured snapper, so I can go back (hope snapper will eventually be pre-installed by Fedora in the future). My questions are:

  • I am assuming it will remove flatpak KDE packages only, not core packages?
  • How can I see which exact packages (location) are being uninstalled?
  • Will this break my machine :wink:

Probably the simplest way to do this would be from the command line.
flatpak remotes
will list the remotes (repositories) you have enabled

flatpak remote-delete remote name
Will remove the remote and the flatpaks installed from that remote. This will prompt with a list of what’s installed before removing.

flatpak list --columns=name,app,origin,installation
Will give you a list of the installed application/runtimes and where they came from

Thanks, and welcome to :fedora:

Thank you, this helped tremendously.
It indeed showed exactly what it would remove, and they are indeed flatpak packages.

Happy to be here, hoping that Fedora will scratch that distro hopping itch :slight_smile:

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