Trouble uninstalling a snap app?

Hi there,

I wanted to try out an app that wasn’t in the flatpak repository or fedora repositories. Now I am really wanted to get away from snaps. How can I remove the app ?

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My understanding is that you want to uninstall an application that wasn’t installed via dnf or flatpak. How did you install this application? We’ll figure out how to reverse course once we understand your technique.

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I simply used this : Install Easy Disk Cleaner on Fedora using the Snap Store | Snapcraft

How about sudo snap remove <appname>?

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I tried that but I didn’t work and now I figured it out , for some unknofn reason I needed to add sudo snap remove easy-disk-cleaner <version>. I don’t have clue why is that ?
Now I just need to solve this : rpmsoftwaremanagement/rpm-gitoverlay-1588743488.145947