Snaps not working in Fedora 39

Hi everyone,

I have just installed Fedora 39 with KDE Plasma. So far, everything seems to be good.

However, anything regarding Snaps, whether using Snapstore (which closes straight away, using terminal or Discover, no Snap application downloads at all, or would be stuck at a percentage.

If I download something else that isn´t Snap related in Discover, then it downloads straight away.

Can you advise whether there a fix for this please?

Thank you in advance,

There are a few other ways to install snap besides dnf.

  1. Open a web browser and go to the official Snapcraft website :
    Download snapd rpm file

  2. goto Download Directory ( cd ~/Downloads )

  3. install .rpm file with rpm -i “Package name”.rpm

I recommend using flatpak instead of using snap :

sudo dnf install flatpak

Flatpak website

After the installation is complete, please add the Flathub repository which provides a wide range of applications. Run the following command:

sudo flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub
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Do not follow this advice. It’s an EPEL package for aarch64 architecture

Yes, unfortunately, I was not paying attention. Was corrected. Thanks

I have seen several threads here where a user had snap enabled and there were many different snap images that completely filled the drive space. I have never seen such greedy space usage with flatpak. Fedora does not distribute nor seem to support use of snap.

I also don’t have a good experience using snap
I have been using flatpak for years and have no problems with it.