Enable snap in Gnome Software

Is there aany way to enable snap support in Gnome Software?

I had heard about gnome-software-plugin-snap
Which provides snap support to Gnome Software in ubuntu based distros

Do fedora have support for it?
Or any other way?


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Some background information:

One easy solution is to use the snap store:

Hey @dalto good to see u here, buddy

Installing snapstore will replace existing Gnome Software,
I had already tried that

Usually i prefer RPM
Then Flatpak
Then Snap

ZorinOS has gnome software
In which both Flatpak and snap are enabled

It was always good to have universal app store

Hope we can see it in Fedora, just like ZorinOS


I agree, would be great if the stores could work together flawlessly. If you just want use flatpaks, Snaps don’t need to be enabled. If you want to use snaps enable them.