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Hello there! I hope you are all doing well! I’m Federico Antuña (people call me “fede”) and I am a developer from Argentina. I tried Fedora a while ago and it almost instantly become my favorite OS and I would love to contribute by writing an article in Fedora Magazine. Currently I have an idea for just one article. I’m a .NET developer and recently set up the entire environment for developing C# on Fedora. I would love to publish how to do that in the Fedora Magazine, my idea is to explain how to set up Visual Studio Code and Rider, as well as allowing Azure Functions development and using a self-signed certifiacte to allow using https. There isn’t a lot of information on how to do the complete setup so I documented the steps when I did it for myself and I think it could be useful for other people trying to do the same.

Thank you!

Hello @federicoantuna , Welcome to the community! And welcome to the Magazine Discussion area.
+1 on your idea, there are always need of good guides for setting up a development environment.
If you haven’t already, please start at and follow the directions for contributing as a writer, found at

Is Azure free to use? I’m not sure if we want to promote something that requires a subscription on the Magazine. Other than that, I think the rest of it is FOSS so I guess it would be OK. I think I’ll defer this one to @bcotton.

Zero-cost isn’t a requirement for articles. A quick search shows a lot of articles about AWS, for example.

Hey @jakfrost , I follow the steps here Getting access :: Fedora Docs and completed them all :slight_smile:

Hey @glb , Azure Functions are free to use (at least the first million executions). Rider is not FOSS but it’s a nice alternative to Visual Studio for Linux, I can just leave as an extra option or completely remove it and leave only Visual Studio Code. My thoughts on this are that even tho it’s not FOSS, Rider is a fully featured tool that can help a lot of people used to develop on Visual Studio under Windows to move to Fedora!

Sounds good to me. +1. I’ve created card #319 to track this article’s progress. Please move the card to “In Progress” when you begin working on the article. Move the card to “Review” when you have your article ready for publication.

Thanks for contributing!

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