Intel 8265 Bluetooth do not function

Wi-Fi works but BT not in this M.2 module. Does any got it up? I can not not see it all. But is must be regoniced by a system since WI-FI works and it is in a same module.

I can confirm that this is HW issue. I have PCi adapter two USB connections One for WWAN and one for the BT. There is no sign of BT. I though that it is USB connectivity error but no. Not in SilverBlue nor LXQT. I need to replace to AX 200 M.2 module to get it up. Thank You.

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Naa, it was not this module. I have now AX 200 and no BT. Anyone recommend good software for Bluetooth?

There is nothing in etc/sysconfig/ where should be bluetooth file. Also rpm-ostree install bluez-hid2hci bluez-tools bluez-libs-devel does not come with help. Also controlling WLAN frequency to match older cell phone would be something I do need. What networkmanager program one recommend what can be found in flathub or similar.

Hello @juhafinlandvoaa,
Did you get your bluetooth problem fixed? Can you see the bluetooth module in Gnome settings?
If not, in a terminal check to make sure it is being recognized. This link is a good guide for getting it going.

I finaly order new adapter card and I got BT signal. So this issue was HW issue. However it is not fully functional. There is no menu to choose from. Not functional WWAN over BT. This isue is solved. I can post a picture and model of adapter and set up of it if some else use same PCIe. BTW how to have solved tag? Or is it in use?

Here we go. Peripherals do not have name It can be found by this phrase. PC Wifi Adapter NGFF M.2 Network Card with SIM Card Slot WiFi. Fan is my own installation to cool WWAN.

Hi there @juhafinlandvoaa,
You will have to pick the comment that was the solution and edit it to get a solution checkbox. I closed the topic so it won’t come up as new anymore, but you are right to mark the solution since someone else may run into this too.