Intel 8265 Bluetooth do not function

Wi-Fi works but BT not in this M.2 module. Does any got it up? I can not not see it all. But is must be regoniced by a system since WI-FI works and it is in a same module.

I can confirm that this is HW issue. I have PCi adapter two USB connections One for WWAN and one for the BT. There is no sign of BT. I though that it is USB connectivity error but no. Not in SilverBlue nor LXQT. I need to replace to AX 200 M.2 module to get it up. Thank You.

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Naa, it was not this module. I have now AX 200 and no BT. Anyone recommend good software for Bluetooth?

There is nothing in etc/sysconfig/ where should be bluetooth file. Also rpm-ostree install bluez-hid2hci bluez-tools bluez-libs-devel does not come with help. Also controlling WLAN frequency to match older cell phone would be something I do need. What networkmanager program one recommend what can be found in flathub or similar.

Hello @juhafinlandvoaa,
Did you get your bluetooth problem fixed? Can you see the bluetooth module in Gnome settings?
If not, in a terminal check to make sure it is being recognized. This link is a good guide for getting it going.