Installing Samsung M2070 printer driver

I’m running Fedora Workstation 32 with Gnome and have an M2070 Samsung. I have downloaded the drivers from and run the install script for scanner and printer. No errors, both installed OK. The scanner works OK, but on opening printer settings it is listed with Generic Text Only Printer.

I have seen in the past that the negativo17 repo was used for these drivers, but that seems to be down or at least the website is.

Has anyone any suggestions?

I was running just workstation, but I thought I would give silverblue a try and see if I had any luck here.
I have now done the uninstall and tried the adding the repo into ostree. It is listed in the repos now, but on trying to install with rpm-ostree it is not found error:

Packages not found: uld

Can anyone see a what I need to do with either method to get this to work?

I have the same issue @aquada on new fedora 33 I have updated an old post there:

My issue was due to a cable issue so finally there is no problem with the old rpm uld samsung driver with new Fedora 33 :slight_smile: