Installing a printer driver

Hello Silverblue developers,

Short version of my question:
How can I install a printer driver on Fedora Silverblue?

Long version:
I have the Samsung SCX-3400 and when I used Fedora Workstation the only thing I had to do, was running the shell script that is provided by Samsung. But when I run that script last week, I got an error (that I can’t reproduce because I don’t now how to uninstall/reinstall the driver) and I’m left with a non-working printer. The printer is recognized but it simple won’t print.
I could see the error only for a fraction of a second but I think that script wanted to write some data to a directory that was read-only and that could explain why I’m left with a non-working printer.

Does somebody have some advice about what I could do?

Thanks in advance!

Yours sincerely,

Scott Trakker

Maybe running the install script in a toolbox would work?

You could try the negativo rpm.

Ideally though, the script shouldn’t be trying to install to /usr

Hello Tdecacqu,

I tried running the script in the Fedora Toolbox but when I did this I got the message that cups wasn’t installed. When I tried to install cups in the Fedora Toolbox I got the message that it couldn’t be restarted because systemd wasn’t installed. Somehow Fedora Toolbox isn’t made for this.

But thank you very much for thinking along!

Yours sincerely,

Scott Trakker

Hello Pluto,

That did the trick!! :partying_face:

Thank your very much for thinking along and giving me the right package!!
How did you know I had to use this package?

Yours sincerely,

Scott Trakker

I had a feeling someone would of made an rpm of the driver, turned out Negativo had one, which is even better because Negativo is a generally trusted source.

It’s just the driver you linked but packaged.

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