Samsung Xpress M2070 doesn't print

Hello. I have a Samsung Xpress M2070 (not “SL-M2070”) laser printer, connected through USB, printer which used to work with previous versions of Fedora (I don’t remember which ones, and even less the driver I used). I got a driver from HP (who bought Samsung printers activity):

which is a driver for Xpress SL-M2070, because that’s where HP directed me when I asked a driver for “Xpress M2070”. I uncompressed the file, went (“cd”) to uld_V1.00.39_01.17/uld and launched, apparently successfully, “sudo ./”. But nothing is printed and there is no sign the computer and the printer communicate. In http://localhost:631/printers/M2070-Series , when I choose “Print test page”, the only thing I get is " Waiting for printer to become available.". The printer doesn’t appear either in “HPlip graphical tool”, that I had previously installed for an other printer. Do you have any idea about what I should do to get this printer work again?

Did you reboot?
Did you disconnect and reconnect the printer?
What is the result of looking at the cups interface? http://localhost:631
Have you configured the printer within cups so you have a defined print spool for that printer?

I downloaded that driver package, and found under /uld/noarch/share/ppd/ a lot of ppd files to identify the printers supported by that package.

I suspect that all that is required to fully enable the printer is to copy the appropriate ppd file from that location to /etc/cups/ppd/ then configure the printer with cups. The scanner may not be quite as easy, but worth a try.

Note that there is an uninstall*.sh for each of the install*.sh files there so removal should be as easy as installation.

Thank you very much. I had already disconnected and reconnected the printer and rebooted the notebook (maybe not in the right order), not to avail. After a night were both the printer and the computer were turned off it suddenly worked, though I had done nothing more. The scanners works too. By the way, I can’t see any “configuration” option in the CUPS page.

I used to work on System76’s support team to professionally support customers running Fedora or Pop!_OS. I found that a lot of people still have these Samsung printers sticking around. Sadly, it seems the best case for these is to upgrade to a newer HP printer, and your printer will be seen immediately in linux as well as when using the xsane utilities for scanning. Good luck!