Include epiphany browser in fedora

Should gnome web included in fedora by default now on as it is now a good usable browser why not include it. Like what we see in gnome os nightly.


I think it would be nice to have this instead of Firefox in the image, and let people use the Firefox flatpak if they need it.

I guess though that Silverblue will follow whatever defaults Workstation goes with here?


I am also intrigued by the Epiphany but in my opinion there shouldn’t be any thought of replacing Firefox as the default until Epiphany proves to be good. Even then it will not have anywhere near the features of Firefox, basically it will be a question of if you value the native use of Gstreamer and minimal design more than the robust but less integrated Firefox.

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We are not talking about replacement just include that.

Including a second web browser by default is redundant and could bring in a significantly large number of extra dependencies since it runs on a different engine than Firefox. The barrier to installing epiphany is even less than installing Google Chrome since it’s already in the repos and flatpak. IMO, adding it to the base image probably isn’t generally useful enough for all users to warrant adding the additional size to the base image.


Just install it ande see that fedora alrwady have all dependencies no issues there.

And i don’t know is there a something like a fedora final iso have to be smaller than 2gig.

Honestly speaking, Gnome Web is beautiful and I really like it, but it’s by no means a good replacement for Firefox.

What’s more, the web is turning more and more Chromium-focused, not even Firefox is a good replacement for Chromium. But as a much more free, privacy respecting browser, I prefer to use Firefox. Gnome Web is too far behind in terms of engine features, multimedia playback and extensions that it’s simply not a viable choice for many. People expect to run Netflix or Disney Plus happily on their devices, and for that, Firefox is the bare minimum.

Again, I’d be happier with a Chromium-based browser as the default option (cloud gaming and other more advanced features are Chromium-only), but I understand and support the efforts towards web diversification.

In any case, you can theme Firefox to better adapt to the Gnome design guidelines.


By no means am I trying to hate on Epiphany, I know some of my posts have not been the most positive but I really have been intrigued – I regularly go to and to follow what is going on. So I was excited to try it.

I saw it was available in Flathub so I gave it a go… nope, still a poor experience. Firefox and, in the past, Chromium have both worked like a charm on this laptop with Fedora. I don’t do anything crazy with my install, if anything I have all the relevant GStreamer codecs and vaapi support configured, but that doesn’t even matter with Flatpaks.

Ah well, I’ll give it another look when I install Fedora SB 38 in a month or so :slightly_frowning_face:

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oh, is down. Something must have gone wrong.

It was not a browser error i can open youtube without any error.

Rather you can’t open in gnome web.
Can anyone confirm if this is a issue they have also.

You can’t play youtube videos properly in firefox with wayland it takes more cpu than other browser
Whatever you do you can’t fix that.
It is a bug in firefox. I have tested it on brave chromium gnome-web i have seen a youtube video take almost same amount of cpu for all of them but in firefox it is close to 70%

Well in both instances it was Gnome Web and not Firefox in the picture lol, but also Youtube wasn’t down. Epiphany does that all the time for me on multiple sites, in fact I’m actually kind of happy to see someone else has the same issue, I thought it might have been just me.

While it of course doesn’t bother me others enjoy Chromium, I’m not interested in anything made by Google personally. Firefox is the way, and it loads everything for me satisfactorily. No issues accessing sites, it renders all the videos I have codecs for which is basically all of them, it is great.

Firefox with AV1:

Firefox with VP9:

It is a little higher than I expected tbh considering VA-API is configured for VP9. Hope they can get that resolved!

There shouldn’t be 2 browsers installed by default—why not have 2 of everything else then? 2 file managers, 2 text editors, 2 terminal emulators, 2 office suites.

Choice is already provided through the available packages, which are only a few clicks (or 1 command) away.

Also, when I tested Epiphany recently on F37/Xfce it was completely unusable. The flatpaks from either Fedora or Flathub froze halfway on loading any moderately-heavy site like YouTube (frontpage, not even watching a video), Reddit, or Twitter. Both flatpaks and rpm package crashed instantly on loading Could be hardware/config but my hardware is exceedingly normal, and I haven’t had the motivation to investigate further.

but we have 2 image viewer and photos

this is a issue that firefox use more resources than chromium have you tested on your system also as i have a bug report which yet not been solved and only happens in wayland

Is there any documentation around that but? The ticket or any findings/investigations for the bug?

Please keep native Firefox.

I discovered the following command which allows me to scroll in Firefox using my touch screen…

sudo sed -i "s|Exec=|Exec=env MOZ_USE_XINPUT2=1 |g" /usr/share/applications/firefox.desktop

I actually don’t know exactly who it works, and certainly didn’t come up with this but I do know it doesn’t work in flatpak version of firefox (or app image or snap)

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