I'm looking forward to the GTK4 version of Epiphany

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What I am more looking forward to is the GTK4 version of Epiphany. It’s always been a pretty much unusable app for me but I am intrigued by the developers decision to go with Webkit, and also Webkit’s development as an engine. Anyway it would be nice if it was usable because it works with Gstreamer whereas Firefox uses FFmpeg, which Fedora doesn’t come with.

Fedora 38 beta is out update to beta and get the new version of gnome-web now

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And dnf5 !

it has to be installed separately sudo dnf install dnf5
As I could read in man dnf5 the config file is in /etc/dnf/dnf.conf
So config is still the same ?!

I mean there is libavcodec-freeworld which is just one additional package to make the installed libavcodec work, from rpmfusion.

I try Falkon at the moment, a KDE browser based on QtWebEngine and its pretty cool! Solid browser with good compatibility, and there are Addons and themes, as well as documentation about building custom Addons.

Already available are AdBlockPlus, which works with maaany online sources filterlists (UblockOrigin would be better of course) and a Userscript Addon for enhancing a lot of things.

You can set many custom search engines and there are many settings Firefox lacks by default.

In general at the moment at least, nothing beats Firefox for me though. Its great to have a different Webbrowser but I think it should use Gecko, as Webkit will probably never vanish so its nothing important to keep alive. Gecko is the reason the Torbrowser works and is safe, and it will probably soon be the only Engine supporting full adblocking.