Gnome web is suprisingly good. Great even! You should try it out as an alternative to blink based web browsers

Recently, I’ve been trying out Gnome-web(epiphany) these days.
Considering that the Gnome Org is probably much smaller that Modzilla, I assumed it wouldn’t be as good as Firefox and the other web browsers. I was wrong.

Particularly, in common web app benchmarks,(html, javascript stuff) it seems like Epiphany out performs Firefox(though Chromium outperforms Epiphany as well).

I also like how Gnome-web handles web applications. You can turn any website into a web aplication from the top right kebab menu. These applications will then show up on your system as statndard application. They are also sandboxed, so cookies, trackers, passwords etc will be seperate from your main Web browsing.

As it is built with Webkit GTK(the GTK fork of webkit), it integrates with Gnome based desktops beautifully. It uses Webkit so no Blink(Chromium engine) so it’s great for net diversity as well.

The only things Gnome-web is missing is DRM support(which is a pro or a con depending on how you look at it), Gnome shell Extensions support, and addon support(which isn’t strickly necessary).

Particularly, I miss DRM support as having web apps to Spotify, Hulu, Netflix, etc would make it convenient. That being said, it’s not a huge considering how bad DRM is and I can use Firefox for those.

All in all, if you haven’t tried Epiphany in a while, I definelty recommend you should. It’s a fast, easy to use web browser that deserves to get more recognition.


I also use Epiphany, like it a lot.
I don’t use DRM sites, but do have spotify, for which I use the spotify flatpak.

I find it also surprisingly good. From what I saw on gitlab, the support of WebExtensions is coming (as an experimental feature first). I really like also the support of Firefox Sync, for synchronization with my smartphone and tablet. And in the future GNOME Shell extensions will be handled directly by the Shell through a protocol (gnome-extensions://), independently of the browser used.