I rebuilt my NAS, and also powered my whole network from Molex

I re-built my NAS, and it has a 600W PSU with some old hardware (BIOSTAR A880G, Phenom II X3 but X4 unlocked :p). The PSU I know got a little warm under load as I had it on a VR computer before, but it’s nothing but cool air on this NAS so I figured it has plenty of power to spare for other stuff.

I figured since Molex has 12V and 5V, that my network equipment all used 12V barrels, and that the makeshift fans slapped on them I had at 5V to be quiet, that I had the perfect set-up to just power it all from my server. I don’t know how to use a multi-meter and went with some paint on the wires themselves, and only took out one spare router :stuck_out_tongue: (turns out I’ve been lucky all these years with doing it like that and that there’s no guarantee with the paint on the wires); a quick wire flip on that one barrel and everything was cool. The Molex end came from a SATA power convert adapter, and I heard more than enough stories to know I didn’t need to have that lying around :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know if it’ll win for appearances, but it all works great!