Fedora 36 on the Raspberry Pi 400

Finally made the time to update the rpi 400 to Fedora 36 (workstation).
So far I am really enjoying it. Using it mostly the same way I use my phone, such as a communication platform for Matrix, Xmpp (sms, mms, etc…) and various forums, like here!
My usage may also be slightly different than what it seems most folks prefer, as I tend heavily towards the Flatpak influence.

Still need to poke around at hardware acceleration, since I’m sure that could help with the slight sluggishness :slight_smile:

Oh, I’m also using a USB wifi dongle :slight_smile:

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Man, that’s cool…

I also use a raspberry pi 4 but currently the card is with Debian (Raspbian). I plan to try Fedora 36 on it as soon as possible.

Your project stimulated me even more!

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What do you currently use your pi for?

There are still some things missing for the 4 in fedora as I mentioned. But it is fun.

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Well, initially I adopted the raspberry in scientific research on Law and Technology. You can follow my post here ( https://www.researchgate.net/publication/356962387_Inteligencia_artificial_e_seu_potencial_de_utilizacao_em_investigacoes_processo_judicial_e_na_prevencao_a_violencia_conjugal_C_Thomson_Reuters_ISSN_2596-0733 )

I needed the device to install Amazon Alexa and find out more about how it works and how it applications in preventing marital crimes. As well as other AI’s.

Currently it’s kind of standing in a corner, I’ve thought about applying it to a remote courtroom (I called this project the Justice League Room), I added a camera for it and all, but I still have a bad USB mic.

I also thought about applying it to a BB8, but it’s sitting there on the wall, where I use it to access courses remotely… I control it from my cell phone via VNC

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