I installed fedora on a previous ubuntu system after a complete format of hdd but it's still there with one more incomplete fedora installation help!

I was previously using ubuntu 20.04 LTS on my laptop. A few days ago I decided to switch from ubuntu to fedora. I made the bootable flash drive with the live os image of latest fedora installation and booted into it. Then from there I went into the disk management and formatted the hard drive with AT…something enhanced secure erase.
After that I rebooted the system and again booted into the flash drive and started the installation of fedora. But it got stuck at 80% mark of “software installation” part. The whole machine froze so I had to reboot it again. Then I again formatted the hard drive because from the BIOS I saw that the previous failed installation process has already wrote some part onto the hdd.
Then I started the installation process again and successfully installed fedora.
But the problem is my hard drive has been split into three parts now with hdd1 being the failed fedora installation, hdd2 being the successful fedora installation and hdd3 being ubuntu.
And the worst part is that the failed fedora installation is set as the first boot device means that it will boot from that if not selected manually. So now everytime I start my laptop I have to go into BIOS and choose the appropriate installation.
Please tell me how can I remove the other installations (failed fedora installation and ubuntu).
I am attaching a few screen shots of the disk configuration from Live OS and a screen shot of my BIOS boot options.


If you have nothing else on that disk that you need and you just want to reinstall my recommendation would be to utilize the automatic partitioning and I would like to make additional space available. This should prompt you with the reclaim space screen which will allow you to remove the existing partitions and then install.

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Well I did what you said but nothing happened. It just reinstalled fedora in the “HDD2”. And the rest of the partitions are still intact :frowning: What to do?

When it prompted you to reclaim space did you remove all the existing partitions?

sure did!! Still the same results.

What is the output of sudo fdisk -l
What happens if you remove all of the partitions from the gnome-disks in the live environment and then re-install?