Uninstalling fedora 32 and fixing boot to run ubuntu 20

Hello, I have a dual boot for fedora 32 and ubuntu 20. I finally decided to keep only ubuntu (I’m a regular Windows user and it makes my life easier).
But fedora is taking control of the efi bootloader, and although I changed this, I am now stuck with the loader.
I want to completely uninstall fedora and just run ubuntu 20.
What should I do before deleting the fedora partition?
How to make sure that ubuntu will start directly with grub2?

Thank you for your advice

Sad to see you go.

in any case, copy out all valuable files from your Fedora partition. Boot Ubuntu and use gparted and allocate all Fedora partitions to Ubuntu – that is, expand Ubuntu’s partitions to claim disk spaces formerly allocated to Fedora (assuming they’re all on the same drive). Then rebuild grub from inside Ubuntu using grub2-mkconfig