Reinstalling and partitioning

Yesterday I installed F35 on my laptop, no dual boot involved here as this is the only OS i want to have installed, with automatic partition resulting as follows:

FAT32 /boot/efi as a boot partition, ext4 /boot and the rest is for /

As i had trouble reinstalling Linux before, I want to ask if I need to reinstall Fedora instead of updating / upgrading it, it is possible to delete all these partitions without problems, including the EFI?

If you don’t care about preserving anything, you can certainly delete everything and start over.

If Fedora 35 is the only OS on your machine delete all and do a fresh install of Fedora 35. Please check via live-session that all your hardware is supported well and so you can be sure that Fedora 35 will run without any issues.

Is there anything wrong with Fedora 35 after installing.If it’s installed all you have to do is stay up to date.

That’s a pretty broad question, “is there anything wrong with Fedora 35” – naturally there will be some hardware/software configurations that will be a bit troublesome. But for most people, it is as you say “all you have to do is stay up to date.” The early days of any new release such as Fedora 35 will often turn up a few issues that didn’t show up in beta testing, but developers and maintainers watch for these issues and generally get them quickly resolved. People who are concerned that they could run into such issues will often delay jumping onto the newest release until their comfort level is reached (watching this discussion forum gives you a glimpse of the type of issues experienced), so they may choose to stay on the previous release for a while; others gleefully jump on the new release while it is still in beta testing mode.
As for me, I have run Fedora generally without issue for many years, on ancient notebook computers and ancient servers, upgrading usually very soon after release, and I’ve been happy.
Enjoy the fine software provided by the community!

Thanks, don’t care about it because i keep everything outside the machine.

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“is there anything wrong with Fedora 35” My trouble with this was that I upgraded from F34 Cinammon to F35 at the first moment I could and the sound daemon stopped working, then tried to remove Linux partitions and leave FREEDOS to install F35 directly to try to solve it, resulting in boot issues. At the end, the solution was to remove FREEDOS partitions, leave disk in black (I didn’t make this as i had help) to make a clean F35 install.

You made an important point naming “comfort level”, maybe I should wait some days to “stay up to date” to avoid issues from now on. Thanks

Thanks, no issues with hardware at the moment with F35. Had an issue with the laptop not properly booting because i left FREEDOS in my disk removing Linux partitions to make a clean install.

I tough briefly about reinstalling today but didn’t want to make a mess again with it and that’s why I ended asking about.