Fedora-kde forgot to put itself on the bootloader

I did a fresh installation of fedora 37 kde spin. After the installation finished I shut down the live media and removed usb. The, when I booted the laptop again, grub didn’t show fedora as an option:

If I boot into windows, it does show that the partitions I created for fedora did get created and are no longer free space:

The 2 gb partition is swap partition and 140 gb partition is ext4 ‘standard partition’ made using custom option during installation process.

I booted into live media again and it looks like fedora did get installed to the 140 gb partition:

I still need help with grub though.

Simplest method
From windows remove those partitions and leave the space unallocated.
Reinstall fedora.
Do not get in a hurry to shutdown the installer. It takes some time to finish the config and install the grub bootloader with the fedora kernel. Wait until it tells you to finish the install before rebooting.

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Thanks! I did wait for the installer to tell me that installation is complete and only then did I press finish and shut down.
I will try reinstalling now and will try waiting longer this time.

I reinstalled and same problem happened again:

I tried installing the kde spin a 3rd time and got the same result.
So, I just used the netinstall iso to install fedora with kde and that worked.

This makes it sound like something is not quite correct with the installer on the kde spin. I wonder if anyone else has seen similar results?

Maybe you should file it as a bug since you did more than one install and every one failed the same way.

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