I have been using chromium-freeworld without knowing that it is discontinued. What to do now?


I am using Fedora since version 36. Now I’m on version 37. (GNOME Desktop)

I always updated my system frequently.

For some reason I checked, which version of Chromium I’m using. It was version 111(!). After some recherche I found out, that Chromium-Freeworld out of the rpmfusion-repo is discontinued since April. Of course I have switched to chromium immediately. But now I’m wondering, if there could be some hack or malware or something like that, because I accidentally used an outdeted browser for so long time. Is there a way to figure out, if something went wrong? I’ve rolled back and upgraded to Fedora 38 successfully. Could there remained something malicious even after that?

And how can I recognize, that a package is discontinued in the future? Maybe there are some other packages? Why wasn’t there a transitional package?

Thank you in advance!


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If you build Chromium from source, default method in Gentoo Linux, it takes hours with bewildering number of third party extensions including V8, Blink just naming a few with specific third party extensions : all is open source with complete code. How can anyone know what, where, when anything infringes anyone’s personal privacy rights if exists : just logging in to operating system connected to internet opens doors. Option => smoke signals, pigeons, …?

You enabled third party repo’s to install this browser. There is no direct Fedora community support for it, just whatever the individual packager(s) did for it. If you like it to continue, fork the repo, and update the package, get it reviewed, and see where it goes from there. Also, I want to emphasize “Community Support”. All support answers gotten here are from community volunteers, as are most of the packages that are part of the Fedora Distribution.