Chromium vs. Chromium-freeworld


I am wondering what the difference between chromium from Fedora’s repo and chromium-freeworld from is.

Then, in addition there is chromium-browser-privacy from rpmfusion, what’s that?

Please let me know any insights you may know - I simply need a Chromium browser for the rare cases when Firefox can’t deal with a webpage…


Chromium-Freeworld is the stock Chromium browser, just ‘built with all freeworld codecs and VA-API support’.
chromium-browser-privacy is a de-googled version of chromium, and aims to strip out all google integration but retain the chromium user experience. (Think chromium-browser-privacy is to Chromium, as GNU IceCat is to Firefox)

Most packages will have a short description available if you run dnf info %package%.